Storehouse is a community which reaches out to the most vulnerable in our city. Scroll down to find out more.



The Storehouse ministry meets every Friday morning from 10AM-12PM. Storehouse is staffed by volunteers who share the vision and values of St Alkmund's church, and our  aim is to reach out to those who are the most vulnerable in our city, to meet them where they are at, to provide a place of sanctuary and peace, to foster a sense of family and community and to engage with some of their most urgent social needs. We seek to show the love and compassion of Jesus to our Storehouse guests, to demonstrate to each one their worth and value in God's eyes as uniquely created people that God loves, sent His Son for, and wants to have a relationship with.

We aim to bring hope and wholeness into the lives of those who are marginalised. Each week we provide breakfast, usually hot food, cups of tea and coffee, and every other week we distribute food bags (one per person) to take away. We also provide clothes and bedding to those who need it, all of which is dependent on the donations of generous people in our church and community.

We have an arts table where guests can paint and draw, and we provide adult colouring-therapy with which guests  can express their creativity. We have a pool table, magazines and newspapers, and a prayer corner where guests can find stillness in God's presence. Some of our amazing artwork can be seen displayed in our church hall. Every third week we have a hairdresser come along to cut hair and trim beards, and we have also done nail painting from time to time.

Our longer term vision and passion is to enable our guests to move on from dependency and addiction into lasting transformation in their lives - to become disciples who make disciples.