Shoulder 2 Shoulder

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Shoulder 2 Shoulder

Shoulder-to-Shoulder provides practical support for vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Derby. Once a month, mostly during the summer/Autumn seasons, teams of volunteers spend a day decorating, gardening and cleaning, making a significant difference to someone's life. This outstanding demonstration of love in action has often been the tipping point which triggers long term sustainable recovery in those we help.
We are all volunteers, mostly from churches across Derby. We want to demonstrate to people that God loves them, that they are not forgotten, and we would like to invite you to join us. Experience the challenge, grit, and satisfaction of being part of God's work in our local community.
We work closely with Derby City Council who identify the people for us to help. They provide the long term contact, ensuring that change is sustainable. We also connect people into local church families where we know of groups offering friendship and support. 
Together, on 44 days, for 60 clients, we have completed around 90 jobs, delivering over 3700 hours of voluntary work. We believe this is something not only worth celebrating, but worth joining in with. Here you will find some photos of the work we have done so far, with stories on their way. If you are interested in joining the Shoulder-to-Shoulder mailing list and/or team, please use the form below: 


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