Community Groups

Missional Community Groups (MCGs) at Alks are smaller groups or networks of people gathered around a place, interest or with something in common. They are where we work out how to do discipleship and mission well and on purpose. Running during the week their purpose is to help us grow in our relationship with God, each other and to reach out into our local community. 
Scroll down to find out more about them and how to join one. 


Missional Community Groups

There isn't really a 'typical' MCG (Missional Community Group), but they generally involve social time, catching up, sharing lives and supporting one another. There is time devoted to reaching out into our communities, worshipping God, prayer and reading the Bible. The way each group does this will be different and the information below will give you an idea as to the different MCGs which are part of St Alkmund's.
For more information on any of these groups and how to join, please contact the church office or speak to Jon and Helen Seddon.



We are a group of people who are actively involved in serving God both in the wider community and at St Alkmund's. Collectively our group are involved in a wide range of activities including technical support, hospitality, chaplaincy, street pastors and more. We encourage, pray with and support each other in our ministries and lives. We share, pray and study the Bible together making use of technology to access contemporary worship and Christian teaching. We also share plenty of food and drink!
Meets: Thursday evening - 8PM


Alks in The Pub

We are a gathered MCG who meet every Wednesday in a small room at the Rowditch Pub for prayer, bible study and fellowship. We aim to equip each other to walk as a witness to Christ, wherever we are and whatever we do for the rest of that week. We want to walk with an aroma of Christ in our lives and for this to be noticed by others.
We would love to welcome new members. If this sounds like something you'd like to be part of then please contact us.
Meets: Wednesday evening - 8PM
Leader: Mark

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Conkers is about being family together, not the nuclear family with 2.4 children and a dog, it's our bit of the body of Christ doing life together. So it's grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, close family friends and children: both grown up and at home. We support each other in our mission to share Jesus' life and love both in our homes and in the world. We're spread around the city, based mainly in Littleover with Mickleover, Allestree and Strutts Park represented (though we mainly meet in Littleover, Mickleover and Allestree due to childcare priorities).
Meets: Thursday evenings - 8PM
Leaders - Jon & Amita

Food For Thought

We are a group of young professionals, young families and mature students in our 20s and 30s. We meet every 1st and 3rd Sunday after church for a time of fellowship which usually involves lunch or a trip out. We also have two groups which meet across Derby weekly on a Tuesday and Thursday evening for bible study and deeper discipleship with each other.
We aim to be a community who love Jesus, pray together, grow in number and in relationship with each other as we meet together as a family. We are a continually evolving group who love to welcome new people so if you’re interested in joining us it would be great to hear from you.
Meets: 1st & 3rd Sunday lunchtime/Tuesday and Thursday evenings (different locations)
Coordinators: Emma Short and Dan Sanders



GenerousCity conflates the  two key words 'generous' and 'city' encapsulating our ethos of a city based MCG with an open heart. We meet in a central location (in the chapel at church, unless we're out in the community!) during term time and we want to create a community of people who decide to live differently, with with generosity and open-heartedness at the core of who they are. We aim to live lightly with what we 'own', to respond in practical ways and surprise ourselves and others with random acts of kindness. 
Meets: Monday mornings - 10.30AM (term-time only)
Leaders: Tim and Rachel

god n cake

God n Cake is one of the small groups from the wider Manna Missional Community Group. As God N Cake they meet every week in homes, bring cake, and God turns up. They join with Manna Light for social events and invite their friends to join in (wine tasting, dancing, shared weekend meals etc). They meet in the Six Streets area, this is where they focus their missional activities in supporting Markeaton Primary School, getting involved in Six Streets, hosting parties/lunches to name a few.
Meets: Evenings at 8PM (Contact for info)
Leaders: Jon and Becky


manna light

Manna Light, one of the wider Manna Missional Community Group small groups meets on a weekly basis in the Six Streets area of Derby. On the fifth Tuesday of the month they cluster with God N Cake, who are also part of the wider Manna MCG. They hold a monthly Sunday lunch and also do invitational events as part of their outreach mission to friends in the community.
Meets: Tuesday evenings - 8PM
Leaders: Roland and Cathy


Northern Lights

Based north of Derby, we meet to study the Bible - often using the St Alkmund's weekly MCG notes. We share fellowship and pray for one another and the wider community. We are all very active within the life of the church including a few church panto thespians...
We enjoy sharing food together and life's challenges along the way, supporting one another in prayer and practical help.
Meets: Thursday evenings - 8PM
Leaders: Ian and Becky



Oasis is a retreat, a place to go with the troubles of everyday life seem too much. In that way we are also a family support group where we come together to pray, discuss issues of family life and meet with God, coming together helps us to refocus on Him.
We each have areas we are passionate about, but our mutual community of connection is families. Being spread across the city we see our primary frontline as the little ones we are raising in our homes as well as reaching out to those we encounter in our daily lives. 
Meets: Wednesday evening - 8PM (week 1 - men, week 2 - women, week 3 - everyone, week 4 - Sunday after church with families)
Leaders: Everyone



We are a community of people committed to sowing seeds of encouragement and support as we seek to see God's Kingdom extended. We worship, we encourage growth in our spiritual lives through meeting with Jesus, wherever we are on that journey, we acknowledge the power of prayer and the transforming work of the Holy Spirit and we want to build confidence to share our faith with those we meet in the places God has called us. We aim to support and pray for each other in life and ministry, invite non-Christian families and friends to social activities and support and pray for the persecuted church. 
Meets: Thursday evenings - 7.45PM
Leader: Cathy



WOW stands for Women of Worth, and is a group seeking to help women to walk in confidence and freedom and to be who God created them to be. We run several bible study groups throughout the year and also hold several events throughout the year to bless, encourage and equip women in their faith, and to share their faith with their friends.
Leader: Alex



WRAP stands for Work, Rest And Pray. We meet together to worship, study the Bible and pray, as well as meeting socially to share life and food. We are a group based in the southern half of the city covering Littleover, Normanton, Stenson Fields and Chellaston. We share fellowship and support one another to live out our calling to love God in our daily lives. 
Meets: Tuesday evenings - 8PM
Leader: Cath